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Established in 1989 Tabarestan has evolved to become what is today considered, the largest clay roof tile manufacturer in Middle East. Using our market leading roofing know-how, superior innovative products and operational excellence, we deliver the best roofing solutions in Middle East.

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Clay Roof tile

Tile comes in a vast array of beautiful styles, colors and finishes adding to every home's beauty and architectural styling. There is also a wide selection of carefully blended hues that range from subtle tints to vibrant colors, and wood and slate textures that simulate nature.And, clay tile roofs are extremely durable, capable of withstanding fire, wind, hail, earthquakes, snow, intense heat ... just about anything Mother Nature has to offer. This resilience enables manufacturers to offer some of the longest warranties in the roofing industry. It is no wonder that for quality roofs of unsurpassed beauty, versatility and safety, nothing compares to clay tile.

Where Do I Purchase My Clay Roof Tile?